Tor skam list as fight tool with darknet scams and scammers links

How does the darknet work and why can't it be blocked?


Darknet is a part of the Internet that is not ranked by search engines and is hidden from prying eyes. Darknet sites have an unusual  URL,basically it is an alphanumeric nonsense and a domain.  onion at the end. Such site as Tor skam list can not be opened through ordinary browsers, and can not be found on Google.

To get there you do not need to connect new wires to your modem, everything works on the communications already available to mankind. To do this you will need 3 things:  the Tor browser (it can be downloaded on the official website), a good reliable proven  VPN -service (preferably paid) and some open network.

You can go, for example, to a coworking or a cafe. In case you suddenly "shine" your iPisnik by negligence, it's okay, in addition to you, dozens of other devices are connected to the same network.
In general, the darknet has changed a lot over the past 10 years.

Many sites have a decent design, the speed of the network has grown significantly, and the marginal public simply does not look here due to network illiteracy. What's more, today you can find everything on the darknet, from the world's largest pirate library to lucrative work. But for most actions here you can get a long term.

Browsing the darknet itself is not illegal, however, you may be prosecuted in criminal cases if you buy substances, weapons, forged documents or counterfeit money. Many countries have a "non-reporting" law that provides for a large fine, punitive deduction of severance or imprisonment. If it is proved that a person knew about the impending crime of a terrorist nature, but did not report where he should be, then he should also be punished by law.

Darknet Scams

Darknet users want to fight this scam at least some way, but it is so far unsuccessful because it is impossible to close all these sites. To do this, there is a Tor skam list that publishes sites that have once had or are now also involved in cheating users on the Internet.

No one knows what kind of identity is hidden on the other side. Therefore, the lion's share of stores in the "dark web" are scammers. In early 2021, fake ads appeared on the darknet about the sale of  covid-19 vaccines. For one dose, attackers asked for from $ 500 to $ 1,000, and accepted cryptocurrency for payment. Last year, the total volume of cryptocurrency payments on the darknet amounted to 1.7 billion. Most of these funds were appropriated by scammers. The top three in terms of turnover of funds included  Russia, USA and Ukraine.

What good Tor skam list he is good that checking the site you can not simply fall into the trap of criminals. You just need to be vigilant and check sites for the presence of scam.

Tor skam list sites on the darknet so much that you can say there are a thousand or a hundred thousand or more pieces. New sites of this type appear daily, which prevents people from fraudulent actions to some extent.

Fraudulently, not only money can be pulled out, but also personal data: correspondence, logins and passwords from banking applications. The value is a person for whom they can take credit by deception, or after catching intimate information, begin to blackmail.

Even if you find a trusted site where everything is clean, hackers can attack it and assign a  URL,and instead create a full copy and accept money to your bitcoin wallet. Enter the wrong letter in the address bar and get hooked.

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