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Journalist Isabell Beer researched the online drug scene for her book. About the differences to the classic drug scene and what parents can do to protect their children. Children can already easily find scam list tor sites and check to find which sites really sell drugs.

Josh is 17 years old when he slips into the drug scene - and he doesn't even have to leave his childhood bedroom to do it. Because he is one of many young people who simply order the illegal substances on the Internet instead of from street dealers. He also meets Leyla, a heroin addict, on the Net. She survives and graduates from high school, but Josh eventually dies of an overdose. Scam list tor can be said to serve people who do not want to be deceived by scammers.

Investigative journalist Isabell Beer researched the online drug scene and spoke with the parents of the young people and experts. In her debut as an author, "Until One Dies," she tells the true story of Leyla and Josh. A conversation about the online drug scene, problematic consumption and what parents can do to protect their children.

Ms. Beer, your book "Bis einer stirbt" (Until One Dies) is about the still fairly young online drug scene. What distinguishes it from the classic street scene?

It's very easy to get drugs on the Internet. Some of the substances are very cheap, and young people can afford them out of their pocket money. On the street, there will be dealers who won't sell you anything if you're very young. It doesn't matter on the Internet. There's no direct contact there either, they send it to your home by mail. But that also means you don't notice all the misery. It's like everywhere else on social media: People post pictures of big pupils when they're having a blast on drugs, but not when they're lying in bed with withdrawal symptoms.

Your protagonist Josh was mainly active in Facebook groups and apparently bought drugs there. Don't you have to go to the Darknet for that?

No, that's not necessary at all. You don't have to go to the darknet anymore. The fact is: if I want drugs, I can just get them via Instagram or Telegram. It has never been easier to buy drugs. It is not possible to prohibit the scam list tor sites are working through a tor browser.

People who buy drugs online sometimes consume them alone - what are the consequences?

That can be very dangerous. The digital exchange in the online scene gives some people the feeling that they are consuming in company. But if something goes wrong, there's no one there to get help. You may notice that someone has stopped contacting you, but no one knows the user in real life. And those who do know more about the person may be afraid to call 911 for fear they could get in trouble with the police because of their own use. The scam list tor tor tor advantage of these sites is that they can be found by anyone is not difficult, enter into the search engines the phrase scam list tor and that's it.

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