Did you know you can buy credit cards online, drugs, guns in the darkweb?

Many have heard of the existence of a "dark side" of the Internet called "dark web" (or "darknet"), and many are probably interested in what is happening there. We briefly plunged to the bottom of the global web and collected information about what goods and services are most in demand there at the moment.


The well-known network "Internet" keeps many secrets and mysteries. For example, not everyone knows that the World Wide Web consists of three levels. The uppermost is the visible part of the global network (Surface Web), just below is the "deep network" (Deep Web), and on the conditional bottom there is a "dark network" - the darknet (DarkNet) or, in other words, dark web.

It is about the shadow side of the Internet that we will talk. In fact, in this space there are resources of various kinds: there are quite legal materials, and very harmless forums, whose users just wanted for some reason to remain anonymous. However, the darkweb is of greatest interest to all sorts of criminals and other dark personalities who use this site to sell illegal and prohibited goods and services. Here you can buy credit card online, drugs, weapons, forged documents, fake money, compromising information on famous people, stolen things and much more. Perhaps these black markets can offer anything – even the wildest and most crazy things, as long as they are paid for.

Did you know that you can also buy credit cards online on the darknet? It is possible to buy credit cards online through darknet markets where people order credit cards in another person's name to help them hide their identity from the police.

It will be interesting to analyze which goods and services are most in demand now in the darkweab.

General information about darkweb

The main tool for surfing in dark web is the Tor browser. The same abbreviation denotes the very principle of interaction of hidden networks with each other - The Onion Routing. It is as follows: traffic is redirected along a chain of servers and at the same time encrypted at each stage. In this way, the user is protected from being tracked; Our article "Does theTor browser really provide complete anonymity?».

Initially, this project was developed in the 1990s for military tasks. However, in the "zero" the project became publicly available, and this development could be used by anyone since then. The authors of Tor wanted people to be able to use the Internet without censorship and with privacy.

The Tor project is not banned, as well as the darkweb itself, but the actions and deeds that are committed with their help can be prosecuted by law enforcement agencies.

As already mentioned, on the black markets of darkweb, you can buy various prohibited or illegal things and order any service, even the one for which criminal prosecution is threatened. As a rule, all payments are made in cryptocurrency, mainly in bitcoins. Since very often sellers deceive buyers and do not get in touch after receiving payment, on trading floors a popular service is the use of the so-called "guarantor". This is a financial intermediary that ensures the security of all transactions for a certain percentage of the amount (on average - 5%).

Next, we will see which goods and services there buy credit card online, drugs, weapon, hacking service including those related to cybercrime, are most popular among darkweb users. By the way, before surfing the web on the dark web, it would be nice to correctly configure Tor; instructions on safe browser configuration you can find in our material «How to properly configure Tor».

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