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Anonymous sites are starting to appear more and more on the Internet, but how anonymous are they? After all, on the way to the site you pass a lot of servers provider, which has no problem seeing what where and how you pass information. So think about how anonymous it is. But technology is not standing still and was created by the "second" Internet, the network which is not, to get into it an uninformed user is unreal. This segment of the Internet will be discussed in this article.

Dark web scam list - in darknet there are sites where there are really a lot of links and where you can find good sites to get acquainted with. Dark web scam list is one of such sites on our site also has this section and you can look at sites that deceive their clients.

These sites need to be unblocked and we are responsible for this, so as not to hurt other people. The alleged phishing or phishing is when they steal your personal data or take your money pretending to be from another site and this is another reason to add these sites to the Dark web scam list.

Deep Web - the shadow Internet, which is based on maximum anonymity, complete denial of ISP servers, which makes it impossible to determine who sends what and where. It is created with onion routing. Before you get to any site through the deep web, your data in encrypted form transmitted through the same members of the network as you, which makes the transfer of data as anonymous as possible, but rather slow. Deep Web is now reminiscent of the speed of the very first dialup modem internet.

Tor is a way to get into the deep web. It is one segment of the deep web. The sites located in it have encrypted names with a .onion domain.  It was Tor that created the largest onion network. It is a network with no rules, no laws, and no countries. You can do anything here, buy a slave or a gun. This is the fido network of our time.

Installing Tor

Interested ? Well then let's get acquainted with this small and secret world.

The first thing we need is a tor client. You can download it here. After downloading run the installer.
During installation we choose where to install it.Installing Tor
Once setup is complete you can run Tor Browser.Installing Tor

Configuring Tor

During the first run you will start with the Tor Browser setup.

If you have a direct connection to the internet try clicking on "Connect".

If your internet is censored (tor is not allowed) or behind a proxy, you should select "Setup".

Using the setup wizard you set up tor. All settings are individual for each case and in most cases are unnecessary.

After setup is complete, the Firefox browser will launch with the Tor settings, so to check it, select "Check Tor Internet Settings".
Setting up TorThe next page will tell you about your connection to Tor and the ip address in the tor network.Setting up Tor So you're in the Tor network, what to do? Where to go? You can of course browse anonymously on the usual sites, but is that why we installed it? The most popular resource on the tor network is the Hidden Wiki.
Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki is Tor's wikipedia. It is a site where all the information about the tor network is collected. Unfortunately due to heavy traffic it is often unavailable.

Hidden Wiki

Page - A mirror of the Hidden Wiki
In addition to information about the Tor network, you can find addresses of other sites in the Hidden Wiki, to do this, go to the Hidden Wiki. We also collected a huge database of onion sites

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