Dark web Directory and search engines of darkweb find right darknet links

Many when visiting the darknet are faced with the problem of finding information. This article will tell you how to find forbidden sites in the Tor browser.

On the dark side of the Internet is hidden a huge amount of useful information. A lot of trading platforms with legal and prohibited things. Possibility to order illegal services such as ddos sites or flood phone lines. A lot of cruel content – and this is actually only a small part of what can be found on the deep web. However, in addition to illegal things, the dark Internet can offer a lot of useful services. Bitcoin exchanges, thematic forums with a database of lawyers and judges, online libraries

How to search for sites in Tor?

The first question that arises when loading the browser: "how to find forbidden sites in the tor?". Using an onion connection has some features that are worth considering when searching: If you can not find the site in a search engine then you need to enter the same query Dark web Directory

It takes longer for pages to load. The page can take a long time to load, this is due to the anonymity mechanisms that the Tor browser uses.

Sites on the darknet often change their addresses.
All references have their own extension of the .onion type. For this reason, backlinks are rarely used. Accordingly, the algorithms of backlinks are not performed at the proper level. The Dark web Directory has a lot of interesting darknet links which will help you to navigate in the darknet

To search for any information in the Tor, its own search engines are used.

Grams — search engine on the Tor network

Grams is designed, as the name suggests, to serve the needs of addicts. In addition to narcotic substances, through it you can find any illegal goods and services. Grams' logo and design are completely copied from Google. It was created by a hacker under the nickname gramsadmin, an active user of Reddit. The service has its own model of paid contextual advertising for the distribution of prohibited goods by keywords.

Tor search engine not Evil

The search engine not Evil is widely popular among users of the deep Internet. It constantly indexes new trading exchanges and thematic forums. Due to this, search bases are rapidly expanding. It is also worth noting that until recently the system was known as TorSearch.

Tor search engine Tourch

Tourch is one of the oldest search resources on the DarkNet. In its database there are more than half a million different sites. Unfortunately, due to poor optimization, the search engine sometimes sags. The system lives exclusively at the expense of contextual advertising. Therefore, when using a search engine, you need to be extremely careful to choose resources. Do not trust sites from contextual advertising.

Basic tips about anonymity

You can not visit social networks through the Tor browser, even if the account is registered in a fake name. You can calculate the user through the list of visited pages within the social network or if you have mutual friends with the main account.

Do not log in to payment systems and online banking. Many financial systems, such as PayPal, can block an account that is logged in through Tor.

Do not publish personal information on the regular Internet through Tor.

It is better not to use a regular browser and Tor at the same time. After a while, they can be confused.

In the browser settings, it is necessary to globally prohibit the use of HTML 5 and java scripts. And manually include them on pages of interest.
When communicating on the forums, you should not download files and follow suspicious links.

It is necessary to avoid darknet platforms that require verification by phone number.

It is dangerous to switch to darknet services using conventional browser anonymizers or specialized services. These systems do not guarantee any anonymity on the network.

What if forbidden pages are not opened even through Tor?

Forbidden sites change their addresses regularly, for this reason they may not be accessible even through Tor. There is usually no forwarding from the old address to the new one. In this situation, you can find the site using specialized catalogs. Such as for example Dark web Directory The hidden wiki. Also, sometimes popular services can be overloaded with requests. Then you should go to them later.

There are other ways to search for information on the DarkNet. The main thing is not to ignore the recommendations presented in the article during the search process.

The first question that appears after the launch of Tor-browser: "How the hell do you find the right site?". Dark web Directory can be called a link library. Here you can find right site! Yes, this is the most common Tor question on the web. People do not even bother about the correct configuration of Tor, which at times improves anonymity. But it would be more correct to start acquaintance with the Deep Web with this.

Well, suppose you have already set everything up and know everything, then let's move on to the main topic of today's article, namely how to search in the torus.

In addition, it should be taken into account the fact that such services in a hidden network may well be created by special services. Of course, they create them not to make your life easier, but as traps of "honipots". In order to deanonymize and identify Tor users, thereby compiling a database of criminals buying illegal goods or looking for prohibited content. After the guys in the costumes have enough material on a particular user, he will be able to arrest.

Do not be alarmed, I will try to talk about the most reliable and proven resources in my opinion, but you understand I can not guarantee anything. It's hard to know who's behind the scenes of each site.

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