Carding forums: What's for sale here what illegal goods you can buy

Let's stipulate in advance that we did not have the task of advertising the black markets of darkweb or the darkweb itself. This material is not a call to master the dark depths of the Internet. We were interested in trends in shadow and cybercrime activities that affect the lives of both home and corporate users.

We analyzed five popular forums and trading platforms in the dark web (Hydra, Empire Market, WWHClub Center) and established the number of messages for each type of goods and services. In some cases, only proposals that had been pre-screened by the administration of carding forums and resources were considered. The final list includes the following topics: drugs, weapons, cashing out money, scanned copies of documents, production of fake passports and other official papers, conducting DDoS attacks, hacking into social network accounts or mail services, searching for information about a person, ransomware viruses, fake website pages, malware, botnets, bank cards and accounts, databases.


A classic product that is successfully sold on almost all sites. In darkweb, it is commonly referred to as surfactants (psychoactive substances). The assortment is very widely presented, there are proposals for both soft drugs like hashish and marijuana, and for heavier ones, for example, heroin.

On some sites, the goods are checked by special people - "testers" - before entering the market. At the same time, not only the quality of the drug itself is evaluated, but also the complexity of finding a "bookmark".

Prices for goods are very different, and even for the same type of substance. Naturally, soft drugs are cheaper than hard drugs.


Another "regular" of the black market at all times was weapons. Darkweb was no exception. As in the case of drugs, there is a wide variety of different types, ranging from brass knuckles and knives to assault rifles and grenades. There are also proposals for personal protective equipment, for example, body armor.

The variety of goods generates a large range of prices. The cost starts from 3-4 thousand rubles for a brass knuckles or knife and goes to the heavens when it comes to more serious weapons.


The practice of cashing out ("cashing") is also very popular in the world of darkweb. Usually, this mechanism is used by unscrupulous organizations in order not to pay taxes and receive cash. To do this, a certain transaction is made, according to the results of which the client receives all the necessary closing documents. For example, it can be the purchase of food, the provision of construction and transport services, etc.

The price range here is 5-17% of the amount, depending on the "purity" and time of presence in the market of the host company, as well as the amount of VAT

Sale of data on bank cards on carding forum

As always, on carding forums offers to sell information on bank cards, most often credit cards, are popular. The list of information provided by the seller may include all the key parameters of the card: number, expiration date, surname and name of the holder, CVV-code, address, city, zip code, linked phone number, e-mail address and available limit on the card.

Sometimes the seller holds promotions: for example, by purchasing information about two cards and leaving a positive review, the buyer receives the data of the third card for free. Thus, we can say that the trends of modern marketing on the open Internet have reached the underground.

The cost of data on one card can start from 5 US dollars. Among the most expensive is a package offer with data on 2 million cards for $ 2 million.


Of course, the part of the offers from sellers from the shadow Internet considered by us is only a small sample. From what we saw, we can conclude that in recent years the interests of buyers have not changed too much: drugs, weapons, "naked", malicious programs, DDoS attacks, information about people and their finances, access to other people's money, fake documents, botnets and services for hacking web resources are still in demand.

However, it should be noted that ransomware viruses, hidden miners, replicas of well-known sites, botnets involving mobile and IoT devices are gaining more and more popularity.

Most likely, in the future, the carding forum will only grow. New types of malware will appear, it is likely that the range of tools for attacks on industrial systems and other critical infrastructure objects will expand, botnets will be even more effective, tools for unauthorized impact on the Internet of Things will appear in large numbers. Systems for attacks, built on the basis of neural networks or artificial intelligence, are also waiting in the wings.

Unfortunately, carding forums access to a large number of offers of the criminal world simple and fast, and the goods and services themselves are becoming cheaper due to the increased level of competition. If earlier a potential buyer needed to have connections in the criminal world or be part of it, now anyone can purchase a weapon, order a DDoS attack, buy a ransomware, get any information about the person he is interested in.

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