Carding forum lists banned sites on dark web how to enter with tor browser

Many people know or hear the concepts of Darknet, Darkweb, Darknet. What is this? These are synonyms of a single word or websites that are carefully hidden from being visited by users of the Internet. The darknet can not be taken and found through a standard search engine, it is a closed territory of the Internet, where its own laws and concepts reign, which differ from the generally accepted ones, and even violate them.

The carding forum list is already quite popular on the darknet, a network of sites where carding forums are actively published.

On the carding forum list you can find verified sites where illegal goods are traded for texts of people who want to buy them.

Even though the governments of different countries are fighting to remove or ban these websites because they can only work with a tor browser and the so called tor network
Let's take a closer look at what it is, what will happen if you go and the topic that is interesting to those who want to get into the Darknet.


The Internet is compared with a metropolis, you will agree, the network is so similar to it!

However, as with the standard structure, there are places saved from prying eyes. Here are other rules and procedures that differ from the standard ones. What is it and how do I get in? Usually it is in such places that the darkest things are carried out. I didn't accidentally start this from afar, a place the developers called the Darknet or the Dark Web. What happens if I go in?

Consider what it is a Darknet and its features. The darknet is a certain resource, the unification between people in which is carried out through specialized ports, protocols. Thanks to this, you can achieve anonymity of IP addresses.

Search engines do not go to the Darknet. What is this system and what will happen if you go? The higher the censorship on the Internet becomes, the more popular the network is for visiting.

Friends, let's see what it is and how to get there? The phenomenon has probably been around for a long time. The term was formed in the 70s. The Darknet network displays the required sites, but still remains anonymous to visitors.

The Darknet received demand in 2002, when Microsoft webmasters officially presented the work done. Experts divided the Darknet according to three criteria:

Objects visible to the visitor can be transferred only after the signing of a formal agreement.

The user is allowed to copy the information.

Official carding forum lists for users with elevated skips are presented.

What happens if I go in? People want to get to the site to obtain protection of privacy, to avoid repression, committing criminal acts in terms of information, distributing copyright documents.

How to use

What kind of site is this? Almost all the top resources of the Darknet use special Tor technology to encrypt information. Protects anonymity on the network, hides personal data and changes the location. Interested? Me too. To enter, the same tool is selected in the form of an official browser.

Top Browser

Despite the presence of different technologies, it is the TOR browser that is considered the most visited on the dark side of the Runet. What if you want to go to the official website and how to use it? You only need to download TOR Browser and run it. This is done from a licensed portal.

Search engines Torch and Fess

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Search engines do not record the informativeness of the Darknet, but users have not been deprived of comfortable usability in Russian language. The replacement of all the usual official Yandex and Google became Torch or Fess. In terms of functionality, they are the same. Here the main thing to understand is that this in the reverse segment is the most useful available on the forums.

Godnotaba and HD Wiki catalogues

Darknet, What is Darknet, Browser TOP, Currency Darknet, Darknet Sites, Darknet Download, Darknet Watch, TOR Browser, TOP Browser, Darknet List, Darknet

A list of top links is provided on the Darknet. What is it and how do I use it? It is a list in Russian language, among which the visitor goes to the desired resource. The most famous are hd Wiki and Godnotaba. From my own experience, I was convinced that not all official links turn out to be the best and working, since site owners change domains for anonymity.


Darknet, What is darknet, Browser TOP, Currency darknet, Darknet sites, Darknet download, Darknet watch, TOR browser, TOP browser, Darknet list, DarknetThe main official currency is the bitcoin crypto>>> Payments are unrealistic to track, also persons giving and taking them. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is not a single currency that has been running on the dark web. There are Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and many others. In any case, you will have to start your own cryptocurrency wallet.

Interesting and forbidden sites

The official Darknet does not have a wide range of sites, there are about 4-7 thousand of them. Also, not all species are associated with illegal sale of products and illegal cases. What does that mean? In the dark side in Russian language you can find useful Wikipedia, torrents, forums. It is worth noting that the average user does not enter here or makes an entrance of his own free will.

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