Buy credit card balance and many other products on the dark web

In the Darknet, an anonymous area of the Internet, far from the eyes of the FBI and Big Brother, dark characters from all over the world go about their no less dark business. Buy credit card balance in ducknet is not a problem. You can buy another person's card and cash it out, that's easy money for you.

You might have guessed it yourself that you can buy guns, drugs and other illicit consumer goods on the Darknet, so we'll tell you about some of the more surprising things that are for sale here.

1. Credit card data. For less than $20, you can buy information on a hundred accounts here. Among them may be both empty and loaded with money. In addition to these credit cards as previously mentioned you can buy credit card balance through darknet there are many sellers who are willing to serve you fully

2. Anything that can be 3D-printed, from guns to spinners.

3. A Netflix account can be purchased here for only a dollar. I do not know why, if you can download everything from torrents.

4. Realistic silicone human masks. Fantomas seems to have found a use for his talents.

5. Fake diplomas. For example, a Cambridge diploma costs $425.

6. Uber cab driver accounts. $15 a dozen. In case you want to take an order somewhere nearby.

7. Fake passports and driver's licenses. The price depends on the country and the level of forgery.

8. Fake coupons to stores if you're too lazy to cut them out of a free newspaper.

9. Pocket electromagnetic pulse generator. Now you can knock out all the electrical appliances around you.

10. Hacked PayPal accounts for anonymous purchases.

11. Uranium. You can buy enough in Darknet to assemble an atomic bomb. Hopefully, no one will think of this and it will be used the old-fashioned way - to fuel the time machine.

12. Counterfeit banknotes. Perhaps the buyer will be able to sell them for more than the price he paid.

13.Fake stamps. They'll make any stamp you want and send it to any part of the world.

14. Stashes disguised as familiar things like a bottle of Coca-Cola. Apparently, for those who want to smuggle some French Parmesan across the border unnoticed.

15. Black rhino horn. Worth $300,000 apiece. It is believed to have miraculous powers. The price is explained by the fact that black rhinos are in nature reserves and are well protected.

16. ATM hacking software. If the seller isn't lying, then for only $1,000 you get a device that plugs into the USB port of an ATM of a certain model, which will allow you to withdraw all the cash.

On Darknet, the sellers are anonymous, and the payments are made in untraceable cryptocurrencies, so the buyer takes a big risk when buy credit card balance, goods or services. There were cases when the organizers of the marketplace disappeared with all the bitcoins of the inhabitants. That's why, and also out of morality and respect for the law, we don't recommend you to buy anything from this list. And if you did purchase, tell us if black rhinoceros horn really

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