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Tor scam list

On this page you can find tor network scam sites. These sites are checked for scams and all cheat their customers. Stay away from them! We have proreveled these sites for you so you will not lose money!  Be vigilant and look carefully to see if the list of sites you are going to work with is not on the list! We made this list for you.


Premium Markt http://fwrgiihsuqivvykxpottouraa54yhgtbvyqco3gww4e6mjatnm43ozad.onion/

TorBuy  http://torbuyxpe6auueywlctu4wz6ur3o5n2meybt6tyi4rmeudtjsysayqyd.onion/

Toretto Market http://dpnm2faxtid6khol6p6q3idwe5bp6vlroslj6ob7hrbeidw63bhzvcid.onion/

Prica market http://nu2smdn2swrkc6gvaambuqjgosg4ojpth7ejsghcx7tgraj7ymhkuqid.onion/

Deepsy  http://lzogc3coyafxtfir3u6w7cms6t3zgyldgvwtw7lmq6e5pdfy5vqu57id.onion/

Black Market http://blackmazzm6g7kiok4a7tdkhnwik5w3dxynl22po3ih2rp6zwolgfmad.onion/

CardedStore http://cardedw7qqbxdmchpvrov6oc3gc7h2l5bfyrwfatbhppf72ljcqwwfqd.onion/

Covid Market http://covid35fc774e3y2hapsm2z4cez22uz52fk5fynbsusg5yzj7xb676qd.onion/

Venus Market http://ly75dbzixy7hlp663j32xo4dtoiikm6bxb53jvivqkpo6jwppptx3sad.onion/

HeavenMarket http://dll3hoygmwndfp23bamjlwx2uchlmyxsaf277zdall5r3lozo63onkyd.onion/

Freedom http://freedomd2rm7quv5josvsx2kgd4guj6uboqeqs7pmlsmfiuxn5klt4ad.onion/

Plastic Market http://plastic4xuqjt52uwbmxsbyrwor3garq4t5kvpes4i6hfmfyufkf54qd.onion/

Cash Cards http://wth474sv6ct4glwiowjipvr6ydeg6tbxlenxqibe5vno7ivmeqlumnid.onion/

Caribbean  http://caribcc5jik7maeqfit7h34af7ntatggbmlfhyxjnqnrhij7gjt5vtid.onion/

The Escrow http://escrow4rfs3z34nvd5bjqmtqz6ohsngt2ntuw3aqp6gwavr7dfl4wuad.onion/

Psy Shop http://psyshopshweetovp4em654waimmcjsf7eqifwe2d4qhnluk2b24r6dqd.onion/

Cardzilla http://cardzilevs4j4nj6uswfwf35oxnp64yrrtazjgap2w3vgoz2pwkp6sqd.onion/

21 Million Club http://million5utxgrxru4rqmjwn7jji6bf44jkdqn3xyav6md5ebwy5l2ryd.onion/

 Before you are going to cooperate with a particular site should carefully examine its reputation for this people like us make these lists so you can understand what is bad and what is good. This Tor scam list is made just for newcomers who are the first time decided to go into darknet.

Be careful if you want to order something do not forget that it is not legal and you always have a chance to get caught. We will add this list! If you too have had similar bad deals in darknet or you were cheated, please share with us these links, we will gladly publish them. So they could not cheat anyone.